History of the Book of First Peter

Suffering for Christ. It happened in this book and it is happening now. There is comfort and counsel to those who were being maligned for their faith in Christ. In this first epistle of Peter, he encourages Christians to develop an attitude of submission in view of their suffering. Persecution can either cause bitterness or growth in the Christian's life. One's response determines the result. Peter, an apostle of Christ, wrote this epistle in either Rome or Babylon somewhere around A.D. 63-64. He addresses it to the "pilgrams" in a world that is growing increasingly hostile towards Christians. As Christians, there is a suffering that takes place for the stand made for Christ. If Christians will stand firm in the grace of God, they will be able to endure fiery trials knowing that there is a divine purpose behind their pain. This letter progresses through the themes of salvation, submission and suffering that a Believer will go through.

As a Christian, God never promised it would be easy. But what He did promise is a hope for a future of ever-lasting life with Him if you will believe in Him. When you feel defeated, remember in the end God wins, so stay on His side and don't let Satan fool you!

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Father God,

We pray in intercession that You send Your Spirit to the one that wishes to read Your Holy Word in this Book of First Peter. We pray that You fill them with understanding, so that they may discern and have placed on their heart the things which they need to know as they read this New Testament Book of Your Holy Word. Thank You for hearing our prayer Holy Lord.

In Your great and Mighty Name we pray,



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